Y-type 135 degree pneumatic 3-way ball valve

Y type 3-way Screw End Ball Valve
2” ~ 12” Full Port
Body: WCB,SS304,SS316,SS316L
Ball core:SS304+STL,SS316+STL
Available in y 120°-port or y 135-°port
Seats: PTFE, metal hard seal+STL
End connections:
ASME B16.34 class 150、ASME B16.34 class 300
DIN PN16、PN25、PN40
JIS 10K、20K
Pressure: PN16
Ball type can be Y-port 120/135


    Y-type 135 Degree 3-Way Ball Valve

    Y-type 135 degree 3 way ball valve are versatile and reliable, designed to provide flow-switching solutions for various industries, including automotive, power, and lithium battery manufacturing. This valve allows for efficient flow control and media distribution in systems, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring flow-switching capabilities.

    Key Features

    • Body material: Stainless steel and carbon steel, providing high-strength and durability.
    • Sealing material: PTFE,RPTFE,metal hard seal+STL
    • Temperature range: 180°C
    • Pressure range:  PN16-PN40 OR  150LB-300LB
    • Media: Suitable for a variety of media, including solid powders, liquid bulk, and rubber.
    • Size: 2” ~ 12” DN50-DN300
    • Control: Pneumatic actuator and electric actuator control options for precise flow management.
    • Unique Design: Three-way Y-type 135-degree configuration ensures even flow distribution and allows for medium switching without residue.


    Y Type 3-Way Screw End Ball Valve, available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″ for full port functionality. This valve is constructed with high-quality materials including WCB, SS304, SS316, and SS316L for superior durability. The ball core is made from SS304+STL or SS316+STL, ensuring optimal performance.

    Choose between a Y 120°-port or Y 135°-port configuration, depending on your specific needs. The seats are available in PTFE or metal hard seal+STL options.

    With multiple end connections including ASME B16.34 class 150, ASME B16.34 class 300, DIN PN16, PN25, PN40, and JIS 10K, 20K, you can easily integrate this valve into your system. It has a pressure rating of PN16.

    The ball type can be selected as Y-port 120/135, making it versatile for various applications. This valve is suitable for use with powder, water, and gas media.

    Self Cleaning Design option – the runner features a powerful 135-degree switch, ensuring smooth flow, minimal resistance, and exceptional circulation capability. Our design also boasts a medium that is completely free of detention and guarantees zero leakage. Experience efficiency and reliability like never before.

    Pneumatic Actuator

    • High-performance pneumatic actuators, capable of delivering an impressive output torque ranging from 10Nm to 8000 Nm.
    • Our actuators are designed with precision control in mind, offering options for double acting, single acting normally closed, and single acting normally open operations.
    • To enhance the functionality of our actuators, we provide a range of pneumatic accessories such as solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, filters, E/P positioners, and hand wheels.
    • In addition to their versatility, our double acting and spring return units are suitable for both on/off and throttling applications. They can also be actuated with other media like hydraulic oil or water if desired.
    • When it comes to adjustability, our actuators offer two independently adjustable travel stop screws and a cam on the output shaft. This allows for precise bidirectional adjustment of movement in both the open and closed positions, with a limit adjustment range of +5° to -5° for quarter turn valves.
    • Our standard units feature anodized aluminum bodies with polyester coated end caps for durability. However, we also offer special coatings and materials for corrosive environments.
    • To ensure easy integration with other equipment, our actuators are NAMUR accessory compatible.

    Y-type 135 degree pneumatic three-way ball valve

    DN L D K R C f n-d
    50 340 160/165 125 100 20 3 4-18
    65 400 180/185 145 120 20 3 4-18
    80 410 195/200 160 135 20 3 8-18
    100 460 215/220 180 155 22 3 8-18
    125 560 245/250 210 185 22 3 8-18
    150 660 280/285 240 210 24 3 8-23
    200 800 335/340 295 265 24 3 12-23
    250 1030 405 355 320 30 3 12-25
    300 1140 460 410 375 30 4 12-25

    Y-type 135 degree pneumatic three-way ball valve

    In summary, Y-type 135 degree three way ball valve offer an exceptional solution for flow-switching applications in various industries. Their durable construction, precise control options, and unique design make them an ideal choice for controlling the flow of media in a range of systems. By following appropriate installation guidelines and safety precautions, users can experience the full range of benefits offered by these versatile valves.


    Application of Y-type three-way ball valve in powder

    Y-type three-way ball valves are a type of valve that has been used in the industry for many years. They are especially useful when dealing with powder due to their versatility and reliable seal technology. The 3-way design allows these valves to direct flow from one pipe, split it between two pipes, or combine multiple flows into one pipe depending on how they are configured. Due to their ability to efficiently handle different types of high pressure mediums, Y-type three way ball valves can be used in a variety of applications involving powdery substances such as cement processing, metallurgy production lines, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and food processing plants.

    In order for these valves to work optimally when dealing with powdery material it is important that the proper materials are chosen for construction. In general you would want an inner layer made out of soft material like PTFE or rubber and an outer body constructed out of stainless steel for increased durability and strength under pressure. Additionally if your application requires frequent maintenance then you should consider selecting a valve that has self cleaning capabilities or choose one with floating seats so debris will not accumulate inside the seat area during operation.

    Application of Y-type three-way ball valve in lithium battery materials

    Y-type three-way ball valves are an essential component for the efficient operation of lithium battery materials. These valves have the ability to control and divide the medium flow between two different directions, as well as diverting it into a third direction. This makes them ideal for regulating mixed media, such as when transporting corrosive or abrasive liquids and gases. Y-type three-way ball valves also allow rapid opening and closing actions to meet high demands in automated systems.

    In terms of safety, these valves offer increased resistance to leakage due to their multiple sealing rings. Despite being constructed primarily from metal components, they can still promote low temperature maintenance while also providing shock absorption and noise reduction features.

    Y-type three way ball valves are widely used in many industries that involve lithium battery materials production including chemical manufacturing plants, oil & gas platforms, food processing factories, power plants