High pressure control valve

Body: WCB, SS316,SS316L
Ends: Flange, SW
Seat: 17-4PH Stainless Steel ASTM A564Gr630
Size: 1/2″ – 12″ (15mm – 300mm)
End connections:
ASME B16.34 class 150-600
Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

    Category: Control valve


    High-pressure control valve features a balanced labyrinth design with cylindrical discs and coaxially distributed labyrinths. This innovative design creates tiny circuitous flow channels, forcing fluids to continuously change direction and reduce pressure, thus preventing flash evaporation and cavitation. The balanced cage plug guarantees minimal leakage, making it ideal for conditions prone to blocked flow and cavitation. Upgrade to our reliable trim for extended high pressure pneumatic control valves service life and optimal performance

    high pressure labyrinth control valve

    Cage guided trim – Our high pressure control valve features a cage guided trim structure, ensuring stability and precise control of flow. You can trust in our design to deliver reliable performance.

    • Labyrinth cage structure – With a unique labyrinth cage structure, High pressure valve offers superior sealing and minimizes the risk of leakage. Feel confident knowing that your operations are secure and efficient.
    • Range of body types – We offer straight-through, angle, and Z type bodies to fit your specific needs. Choose the best option for your application and enjoy seamless operation.
    • Wide temperature range – From -30CC° to 550CC°, our valve is designed to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising on performance. So no matter what conditions you’re operating in, our valve has got you covered.
    • Durable construction – High pressure labyrinth control valve is built with high-quality materials and balanced seal ring structure (for normal temperatures) or metal seal ring structure (for high temperatures) for long-lasting durability. Trust in our product to handle even the toughest environments.
    • Easy installation options – Whether you prefer flange connection or butt welding, we have options for both types of pipe connections. And with a variety of sizes available from DN25-400 (1″-16″), you can easily find the perfect fit for your system.
    • Precise control – With equal percentage, linear, or quick open flow characteristics available, you can choose the right one for your specific process requirements. Enjoy accurate and efficient control with our high pressure control valve.
    • Reliable actuation – Our valve can be paired with pneumatic diaphragm actuator, pneumatic piston actuator or electric actuator for reliable and responsive operation. Experience smooth and effortless control with our trusted technology.


    What does a high pressure control valve do?

    High pressure control valve is a critical component in industrial systems designed to manage and regulate the flow of fluids under high pressure conditions. These high pressure labyrinth control valve are engineered to precisely control the pressure, ensuring that it remains within desired parameters to maintain system stability and operational efficiency. Constructed from robust materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel, high pressure control valves are built to withstand extreme pressures and harsh environments, providing reliable performance in demanding applications.

    What are the applications of labyrinth control valves?

    Labyrinth control valves are a crucial component in many industrial systems, particularly those that handle high pressure differences and require precise flow control. These Labyrinth pneumatic control valves use a unique design featuring multiple channels and passages to regulate the flow of fluids in complicated systems.