Clamp Mould type Duckbill Valve POV-1082-1552-DN25

valve material:Neoprene/EPDM/Nitrile
pipe material: CS/SS/DI/PVC
clamp material: SS316/SS304/CS

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    Duckbill Valve

    Duckbill check valve, also known as one-way check valves, are a unique type of flow control device that has gained immense popularity across various industries because of their reliability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. duckbill check valves is a flexible, rubber-made flow control device that allows fluid to flow in one direction only, preventing backflow. The valve’s distinct lip-like structure, resembling the bill of a duck, ensures unidirectional flow and enhances its sealing capabilities. Duckbill valves are available in various sizes ranging from DN25 to DN300.

    Mechanism of Action

    Duckbill valves operate using a simple yet effective mechanism. When fluid pressure from the inlet side is applied to the valve, the “bill” or “lips” of the valve open, allowing fluid to flow through. However, when pressure from the outlet side is exerted on the bill, it causes the lips to close, effectively sealing the valve and preventing backflow.

    Duck billed valve Use Cases and Industries

    Duckbill valves are versatile and can be found in many industries, including the following:

    • Water and Wastewater Management: Duckbill valves are extensively used in water and wastewater management systems for controlling and regulating fluid flow, preventing backflow, and protecting equipment from damage.
    • Petrochemical Industry: The non-corrosive rubber material makes duckbill valves an ideal choice for the petrochemical industry, especially in applications that require chemicals and acids transportation.
    • Mining: Duckbill valves are used in slurry and tailings management systems for their abrasion resistance and low-maintenance requirements.
    • Food and Beverage Processing: Robust design and food-safe materials make duckbill valves ideal for controlling liquid flow and preventing contamination in food and beverage processes.


    valve material:Neoprene/EPDM/Nitrile
    pipe material: CS/SS/DI/PVC
    clamp material: SS316/SS304/CS

    Benefits Over Traditional Valves

    Duck bill valve have specific advantages over traditional valve types, such as ball and gate valves:

    • Minimal Maintenance: Duck valve require little to no maintenance since they are inherently self-draining and do not have moving parts susceptible to wear and tear.
    • Low Head Loss: The streamlined design of the duck billed valve ensures minimal head loss, offering higher energy efficiency.
    • Corrosion Resistance: Rubber materials allow duckbill valves to resist corrosive elements in fluids, contributing to a longer service life.
    • Silent Operation: The rubber construction and absence of moving parts allow duckbill valves to operate silently, reducing noise pollution.