Angle multi-stage pressure reduction control valve

Body: A105 F316
Body type: cage guided unbalanced trim structure (small size)
cage guided balanced structure (large size)
multi-stage throttle valve cage combination
Ends: Flange, SW
Seat: PTFE
Size: 1/2″ – 12″ (15mm – 300mm)
End connections:
ASME B16.34 class 900-2500
Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

    Category: Control valve


    Angle Multi-Stage Pressure Reduction Control Valve is ideal for high differential pressure applications prone to flash evaporation and cavitation. Featuring a design with multiple multi-hole cages, the valve effectively reduces pressure in stages, minimizing the risk of internal energy buildup and flow velocity issues. With its unique configuration, this valve ensures that medium pressure remains above vapor saturation levels, preventing flash evaporation and cavitation. The standard unbalanced single-seat plug undergoes hardening treatment for extended trim life, while larger valves can be equipped with a balanced cage valve structure for added efficiency.

    Advanced control – Our angle multi-stage pressure reduction control valve is designed for precision and efficiency. The cage guided unbalanced trim structure (small size) and balanced structure (large size) work together in a multi-stage throttle valve combination to deliver unparalleled control.

    Versatile body type – With an angle design and options for standard or heat dissipation bonnet types, this valve is suitable for various industries and applications.

    Customizable flow – Choose from equal percentage, linear, or quick open flow characteristics to fit your specific needs. This versatile valve can handle a wide range of pressures and temperatures, from DN15-300 (1/2″-12″) and PN15-42Mpa (ANSI 900-2500LB).

    Reliable sealing – Our valve meets ASME B16.104 standards for leakage class V (standard type metal seat) or VI (shut-off soft seat), ensuring a tight seal for optimal performance.

    Easy installation – Available in flange or butt welding connection types, our valve is designed for easy installation and maintenance. And with options for pneumatic diaphragm, piston, or electric actuators, you can choose the best fit for your system.

    Trim features: cage guided unbalanced trim structure (small size)
    cage guided balanced structure (large size)
    multi-stage throttle valve cage combination
    Body type: angle type
    Bonnet type: standard type
    heat dissipation type
    Flow characteristic: equal percentage
    quick open
    Size: DN15-300(1/2”-12”)
    Pressure class: PN15、25、42Mpa(ANSI 900、1500、2500LB)
    Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(standard type metal seat)
    ASME B16.104 Ⅵ(shut-off soft seat)
    Pipe connection type: flange type
    butt welding type
    Applicable temperature range: -196CC° ~ 550CC°
    Actuator type: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
    pneumatic piston actuator
    electric actuator


    What are the applications of Angle multi-stage pressure reduction control valve?

    Angle multi-stage pressure reduction control valves are highly specialized components designed to manage extreme pressures and flow rates in various critical industrial applications. Their ability to handle high differential pressures with precision makes them indispensable in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and petrochemical industries. In oil and gas operations, these valves play a crucial role in managing the pressure of extracted hydrocarbons, ensuring safe and efficient transport through pipelines.