3 way electric ball valve

3-way Screw End Ball Valve, Direct Mounting Type
ISO 5211 Pad for Direct Actuation
1/4” ~ 8” Full Port
Body: CF8M/CF8/WCB
Seats: TFM 1600 / PTFE / R-PTFE
ASME B16.34 class 150、ASME B16.34 class 300
DIN PN16、PN25、PN40
JIS 10K、20K
TA-LUFT Approved
Available in L-port or T-port
with real locking function


    This 3 way electric ball valve is designed with the highest quality and performance in mind. It features a 3-way Screw End Ball Valve, offering Direct Mounting Type ISO 5211 Pad for Direct Actuation, 1/4” ~ 8” Full Port Body in CF8M/CF8/WCB with Seats of TFM 1600 / PTFE / R-PTFE, as well as Ends of ASME B16.34 class 150、ASME B16.34 class 300 DIN PN16、PN25、PN40 JIS 10K、20K TA-LUFT Approved that are available in L-Port or T-Port with real locking function. This product includes built-in ISO 5211 Direct mounting pad easy automation frie safe design approved Anti-static devices for ball-stem-body Blow out proof stem, Pressure balance hole in ball slot and TA-LUFT design approved Casting boss on body for draining. The Electric Actuator features Output Torque of 50Nm to 2000 Nm with Control options of ON-OFF type, Regulation type specifying Control signal of 4–20 mADC/0–5 VDC/0–10 VDC Power of 12 VDC,24 VAC,24 VDC,220 VAC,120 VAC and380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%, additionally having Waterproof actuator range IP67 & Explosion proof actuator Exd II CT5 to choose from. For added safety and standards it is CE certified, has Wiring Directly to Terminal strip without interference from other components a Simple & Unique Manual Override Handwheel system Lowest Profile & Lightest Weight Actuator on the market Simple Finger or Screwdriver Adjustment of Travel Limit Cams Without Interference from Other Components Highly Visible Valve Status Display on Most Units making it an ideal choice for your needs!

    The 3-way Screw End Ball Valve, a top-of-the-line valve designed for direct mounting. With its ISO 5211 Pad, this valve is perfect for easy actuation. The valve features a 1/4″ to 8″ Full Port, ensuring optimal flow. The body of the valve is made from CF8M/CF8/WCB, providing durability and reliability. Choose from three seat options: TFM 1600, PTFE, or R-PTFE. The valve also offers a variety of end options, including ASME B16.34 class 150 and 300, DIN PN16, PN25, PN40, and JIS 10K, 20K. Plus, it is TA-LUFT approved, giving you peace of mind. The valve is available in both L-port and T-port designs, and it comes with a real locking function for added security. Trust the 3-way Screw End Ball Valve to deliver exceptional performance in any application.

    Design features:
    Ball valve with built-in ISO 5211 Direct mounting pad, making automation a breeze. Our designs are not only convenient but also fire-safe approved. With the addition of anti-static devices for ball-stem-body connections, rest assured that safety is our top priority. The blow-out proof stem ensures worry-free operation. Our ball slot even features a pressure balance hole for added reliability. Plus, our TA-LUFT design has been approved, meeting stringent industry standards. And let’s not forget the convenient casting boss on the body for easy draining. Trust us for superior quality and functionality.

    Electric Actuator
    Output Torque 50Nm to 2000 Nm)
    Control: ON-OFF type、Regulation type
    Control signal: 4-20 mADC、0-5 VDC、0-10 VDC
    Power: 12 VDC,24 VAC,24 VDC,220 VAC,120 VAC,380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%
    Water-proof actuator:IP67

    Option specification:
    Explosion-proof actuator: Exd II CT5
    Water-proof actuator:IP67

    • Most units are CE certified for your peace of mind.
    • Experience seamless wiring directly to the terminal strip without any interference.
    • Take control with our simple and distinct manual override handwheel system.
    • Discover the market’s lowest profile and lightest weight actuator.
    • Effortlessly adjust travel limit cams with just your finger or a screwdriver, free from any obstructions.
    • Stay informed with the highly visible valve status display featured on most units.

    Three way L type flow diagram

    Three way L type flow diagram

    Three way T type flow diagram

    Three way T type flow diagram


    The 3 Way Electric Ball Valve. This cutting-edge product exemplifies our unwavering commitment to superior quality, technical precision, and industry-leading advancements.

    Our 3 Way Electric Ball Valve is a triumph of engineering excellence, meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled performance even under the most challenging conditions. The three-way design offers versatile flow paths, enabling you to efficiently control and direct fluid flow in multiple directions with ease.

    Crafted with precision, this valve integrates electric actuation for automated control, thereby reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency. Its swift response time and accuracy underscore its superior functionality, setting a new benchmark in valve performance.

    Quality assurance is paramount in our manufacturing process. Each 3 Way Electric Ball Valve undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent specifications and adheres to international industry standards. This dedication to quality control underscores our commitment to delivering robust, reliable solutions that our clients can trust.

    Experience the synergy of technical sophistication and practical utility with our 3 Way Electric Ball Valve – a product that truly embodies our brand’s confident and authoritative voice in the valve manufacturing industry. Trust us to provide the tools that will propel your operations to new heights of efficiency and reliability.


    What is a 3-way ball valve?

    A 3-way ball valve is a type of plumbing valve used in many industrial and commercial applications. It is designed to regulate, direct, or control the flow of liquids in an enclosed space. The 3-way ball valve has three ports—an inlet port (I/P), an outlet port (O/P) and a diverter port. The diverter port prevents the media from entering certain areas, allowing for directional flow control within a system.

    The body of a 3-way ball valve typically contains two spherical elements known as “ball segments” that rotate around their own axis with 90 degree turns to change the directional flow of the media between two different paths by blocking one path while allowing fluid through another path. This type of setup allows for both mixing and dividing operations necessary for various process operations — for example, it can be used to mix warm water and cold water together to provide heated water as needed or even separate them into separate vessels if desired.

    What voltages does the electric three-way valve have?

    The electric three-way valve is typically available in two voltage configurations: 24V DC,AC220V, AC380V 110V AC. The 24V DC version of the electric three-way valve is most commonly used as it offers more control and stability with increased operating speeds.

    What types of three-way valves are there?

    There are many types of three-way valves out there! These valves are found in a variety of industries, including plumbing, HVAC systems, automotive and railways.

    The most common type is the Ball Valve. It contains a round disc with three openings or ports that control the flow through it. The disc has two hollows (or cavities) on either side and one projection in the middle that slides between them; when aligned with an opening (or port), the flow passes into it, while when aligned with another port, the flow exits from it. Ball Valves come in both manual and automated versions for controlling small amounts of fluid at low pressure/temperature levels up to high-pressure/high-temperature applications such as oil refineries.

    What are the applications of electric three-way valves?

    Electric three-way valves are commonly used in many different industries and applications. They are most often used to create a continuous flow of air, fluid, or steam through various circuit configurations. In this way, they can be used to regulate the pressure or temperature of certain lines or components within a system.

    Electric three-way valves are essential for controlling the flow rate and direction when operating systems such as HVAC systems, industrial boilers, pumps and compressors, process chillers/cooling towers and boilers/heat exchangers. For example, in an HVAC system electric 3-way valves can be used to shut off cooling or heating lines when needed so that only air is circulated throughout the environment. This helps reduce energy bills by allowing conditioned air to circulate instead of wasting it outside where it’s not needed.