Pneumatic pinch valve is a new type of valve improved on the basis of manual pinch valve to meet the special working conditions of customers. It is composed of upper and lower cast iron, cast steel valve body, rubber pipe sleeve, large and small valve stems, gate, upper and lower guide posts, pneumatic devices and other parts. It can also be driven according to needs.

Application fields of pneumatic pinch valve:

Pneumatic pinch valves are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, power sector, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment and other aspects.


Working principle of pneumatic pinch valve:

When the control medium is not input, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body is connected with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is tensioned outward by the fluid pressure. As there are reinforcing plies arranged at a certain angle in the pipe sleeve, the axial and radial pressures of the pipe sleeve are balanced, so the length and diameter of the pipe sleeve will not change due to the fluid pressure. When the control medium enters the cavity between the pipe sleeve and the valve body, the pipe sleeve is deformed and intercepted under the medium pressure.


Characteristics of pneumatic pinch valve:

Pipe valve with the same diameter: the structure is novel and simple, the inner diameter of the rubber sleeve is the same as that of the pipe, and the local resistance loss is small.

No leakage: there is no sealing point, the control medium space and the valve passage are completely isolated, and no internal and external leakage will occur.

Impurity containing closing: the opening and closing is realized by the deformation of the rubber sleeve. Even if the fluid contains solid particles or fiber impurities, it will not be blocked, and it can be completely and quickly wrapped and closed.

Wide range of application: simple structure, only three parts, can replace the valves with large volume and complex structure, especially suitable for the occasions with explosion-proof requirements.

High efficiency and long life: the unique rubber tube sleeve with reinforced cord fabric can withstand high-frequency opening and closing operations, is resistant to acid, alkali and chemical media, and has a long service life.

Simple installation: the valve is installed without directionality, and the pipeline does not need to be cleaned. Once the rubber sleeve is damaged, the replacement is simple and rapid.

Convenient control: local or remote automatic operation and control can be realized as required.

Sleeve: The Linatex material sleeve is available for the pinch valve.


Precautions for use of pneumatic pinch valve:

  1. The impurities and moisture in the compressed air affect the service life of the rubber sleeve. A filter shall be set in the air path to remove the impurities and moisture.
  2. The impurities, chip powder, etc. in the pipes and joints shall be fully removed during piping.
  3. When repairing and maintaining the rubber sleeve, be sure to close the air supply valve in advance and exhaust the compressed air in the startup circuit before entering the maintenance work.
  4. Avoid freezing of the rubber sleeve of the air valve. When it should be used below 5 ℃, a dryer should be used to treat the dry air.