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 Petroleum Refining oilfield valve

POV provides quality products well suited for the petroleum industry. From a global perspective, POV is the leading butterfly valve and actuator manufacturer in oil and gas. The fully diverse line of products used in every facet of petroleum from drilling to refining gives POV an edge over competitors. Petroleum is a global industry and as such should have a global institution to provide the highest quality products. A global presence in over 60 countries around the globe on six continents, POV has developed a fully integrated and innovative product portfolio engineered to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. These products include standard and severe service butterfly and ball valves, specialty slurry valves, knife gate valves, check valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls.

    The petroleum industry changes to meet the demands of consumers, and POV changes to meet the demands of the industries it serves. The POV design team uses the most innovative technology to ensure every product will perform optimally. Prototypes are then ‘put through the wringer’ to guarantee the design process was successful. Individual materials and assemblies are subjected to a rigorous testing protocol prior to production release and during manufacturing. After assembly each valve is actuated and tested prior to shipment. All products are certified for their capabilities, i.e. flow capacity, fire safe, etc. These steps insure the quality that customers have come to rely on from POV.

    Product realization within ISO 9001 requires design and manufacturing validation to be performed in accordance with planned arrangements to ensure the resulting product is capable of meeting the performance requirements for the specified application. POV has a strict regimen of controls and facilities in place to ensure its products are capable of meeting those requirements.

    POV has unique capabilities to design and manufacture a complete line of flow control products ranging from valves to actuators and controls. Opened in 2011, the POV Technical Center houses the latest and most innovative tools and test equipment to ensure design validation. The POV Technical Center is also home to an 18 foot high pressure test bunker and test rack capable of testing valves up to 120 inch with actuators attached. A facility such as this ensures the product quality, reliability, and performance that our customers have come to expect from POV. All POV factories are ISO certified and products are designed and capable to comply to CE/PED, SIL, ANSI, JIS, DIN/PAS 1085, API, NSF, ASME and other relevant standards to meet the special requirements for cryogenic, fugitive emissions, water, nuclear, sanitary and many other applications.

    POV has continued to improve and broaden its line of products to suit the needs of a growing global community. The petroleum industry is no exception. POV leads the way with superior products designed by top engineers to outperform all competition. For all your industry needs, POV has the solution

      Valves play a critical role in the petroleum refining and oilfield industry, ensuring efficient and safe operation of various systems involved in the extraction, processing, and transportation of crude oil and its derivatives. These essential components come in various types and configurations, each designed to serve specific functions within the demanding environment of oil and gas facilities. By understanding the different types of valves used in petroleum refining and oilfield applications and their unique features, engineers and technicians can optimize system performance, enhance safety, and ensure the proper functioning of critical equipment.

      One of the most commonly used valves in petroleum refining and oilfield applications is the gate valve. Known for its ability to provide a tight shut-off, gate valves utilize a gate that can be raised or lowered to open or close the valve. This design allows for full control over the flow of fluids and gases, making it ideal for applications where isolation is necessary for maintenance purposes or to prevent contamination.

      Another popular valve type for petroleum refining and oilfield applications is the ball valve. Ball valves are designed with a spherical closure element featuring a central hole, allowing for quick opening or closing by rotating the ball. These valves are known for their ability to provide a tight shut-off and easy operation, making them suitable for use in applications such as wellhead control, pipeline isolation, and chemical injection systems.

      Globe valves are particularly useful in petroleum refining and oilfield applications that require precise flow control. With a spherical body and an internal baffle, globe valves are designed to provide accurate flow regulation by adjusting the position of a movable plug within the valve. This makes them ideal for applications where precise flow rates are essential for maintaining optimal operating conditions and safety, such as in fuel gas systems and steam distribution networks.

        Butterfly valves are another common valve type used in petroleum refining and oilfield applications. Designed with a rotating disc that can be turned to control the flow of fluid or gas through the valve, butterfly valves are known for their compact design and relatively low cost. These valves are often used in applications such as cooling water systems, air handling units, and tank farm isolation, where they help control the circulation of fluids and gases for effective heat exchange and storage.

        Plug valves are widely used in petroleum refining and oilfield applications due to their ability to handle high-pressure differentials and provide a tight shut-off. These valves feature a cylindrical or conical plug with a hole through its center, which can be rotated to align with or block the flow path. Plug valves are commonly used in applications such as crude oil transportation, gas processing, and chemical injection systems, where they help manage the flow of fluids and gases under challenging conditions.

        Safety relief valves play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of petroleum refining and oilfield systems by protecting equipment from overpressure conditions. These valves automatically release excess pressure if the system pressure exceeds a predetermined set point, preventing potential damage to components such as vessels, pipelines, and compressors.

          In conclusion, a wide range of valves is utilized in petroleum refining and oilfield applications to efficiently manage the flow of fluids and gases, ensuring optimal performance and safety for both personnel and equipment. From gate valves and ball valves to globe valves and butterfly valves, each valve type serves a specific purpose within the overall system. By selecting the appropriate valves for each application, engineers and technicians can optimize system performance, enhance safety, and maintain the proper functioning of critical equipment in the demanding environment of oil and gas facilities.