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    The last century has seen unprecedented growth in irrigation projects on a global scale. POV global presence has met the need for valves required in all types of irrigation applications and is the valve of choice worldwide with many irrigation systems and irrigation equipment suppliers. POV resilient-seated valves are ideal for utilization in applications up to 250 psi for valves up to 12 inches and 150 psi for 14 inch and larger, with temperatures up to 250° F and pipeline velocities at or below 30 feet per second.

    Various types of irrigation techniques and irrigation equipment differ in how water is obtained from the source and distributed. These demanding and diverse valve requirements are met with POV broad range of butterfly valves, ball valves, and check valves. POV range of products is engineered to provide savings in equipment costs while maintaining the highest quality. POV is superior to others in part because of its fully diverse line of products. The breadth of products, quality control, and all POV-owned facilities make POV products exceed all competitors.

    POV specializes in irrigation valves ranging in size from ¼ inch to 120 inches. These valves are for all intake, pump, distribution, isolation and control systems, in addition to, automated control and backflow systems and chemical feed, metering and filter equipment requirements.

    POV has continued to improve and broaden its line of products to suit the needs of a growing global community. The irrigation industry is no exception. POV leads the way with superior products designed by top engineers to outperform all competition. For all your water needs, POV has the solution.