Electric ball valves offer superior control and reliability for industrial process control applications. Their unique design allows for efficient regulation of flow rate and pressure while consuming less energy than traditional valves. Motorized ball valve are available with PTFE or FKM lining, these ball valves provide excellent chemical resistance and corrosion protection over standard metal valves. Furthermore, they are self-lubricating which provides smoother operation and requires less maintenance than other valve types. Motorized ball valves are suitable for a variety of industry applications such as shutoff, throttling or regulating services in oil refineries, water treatment units and chemical plants. Invest in an electric actuated ball valve today to experience superior results!

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Discover the many benefits of electric actuator ball valves and how to use them for precise control in a wide range of applications.

Electrically actuated ball valve are a type of valve used for controlling the flow of liquids or gases in a variety of industries, including plumbing, manufacturing, food and beverage processing, energy production, pharmaceuticals and many others. These valves are designed to provide precise control using electric actuators which operate electrically operated rotary motion to open and close the valve. As such they offer several advantages over manually operated valves - particularly in applications where frequent on/off cycles occur or when automation is desired.

Electrically actuated ball valves also provide excellent performance due to their tight shut-off ability which prevents leaks from occurring even under extreme pressure conditions - something manual valves cannot match given their reliance on human interaction. Further benefits include improved longevity & durability due to sealed lubrication systems preventing possible contamination within the mechanism; plus adjustable flow rate control achieved by varying actuator power levels along with precision feedback loops – making them ideal for sensitive applications requiring exacting process parameters & tolerances.Electric ball valve

Finally, because they require less maintenance than manual units they can save unexpected capital costs while providing more efficient overall system operation – another attribute that makes these versatile pieces of equipment perfect not only across many kinds of industry but also different kinds temperature extremes (which many machines will encounter operating outside). In summary then; ball valve with electric actuator provide accurate flow regulation & complete automation without sacrificing safety or longevity; all at a manageable cost-of-ownership who’d want more?

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How does an electric ball valves compare to a electric butterfly valve?

Electric actuator ball valves and electric butterfly valve are both used for controlling the flow of liquids, gases, and other materials in industrial applications. While they may appear to be similar in function, there are a few key differences between the two types of valves.

One main difference is the size of their openings or passages: electric actuator ball valves feature a round opening that passes fluid along its full circumference; meanwhile, electric butterfly valves have an oblong shaped opening that only allows fluid to pass through half its circumference. This results in a higher-pressure drop across electric ball valves compared to an equivalent size and pressure rating on an electric butterfly valve — meaning less energy is required to control flow with a ball valve than with a butterfly valve.

Electric ball valveWhen it comes down making sure you get maximum performance from each type of powered unit – it’s important keep your application parameters in mind: motor operated ball valve offer better resistance against greater pressures but require greater force/torque from actuator; On top of being unable meet same pressure ratings as achieved by Ball Valves– Butterfly Valves face restrictions related max temperature limitations & viscosities which would otherwise render them unusable under certain conditions; All these steps will ensure reliable service life & optimal performance out your choice Valve thanks combination right sizing + proper material selection + adequate automation protocol set up per individual units depending upon application specifics!


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